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2007 M.E.S. News!

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The Year 2007 in Review!


M.E.S volunteered over 6,985 hours to the community, saving over $120,910.35 tax dollars!

Mulvane City Council adopts the 2006 International Fire Code.

EMS ran 707 Calls or 2 ambulance calls per Day! Up 103 calls from last year!

 Mulvane Fire Department Ran 387 Fire Alarms or 1 fire call per day! Up 76 calls from last year!

In June we received a grant from the Forestry Service for a remote control wildland nozzle, $4,800!

M.E.S. received an O.D.P. Grant for TNT Rescue Ram, $1,200!

Mulvane Fire Rescue receives new Bauer Unicus III SCBA Compressor from Fire Act Grant, $36,000.

 In December, Fire District #12 received a new 3,000 Tender, T-408!

Mulvane EMS takes Delivery of a new MED-TEC Ambulance~!

Major flooding in May 2007, 4" in 1 hour.

M.E.S. Photographer Garry Brownlee's work displayed at Art Gallery in Wichita.

Mulvane Fire Rescue welcomes 6 new members into its ranks in 2006.

Congratulations to; Mark Townsend (aka; Kevin or Mike), Timothy Baca, Thaine (from Mulvane) Barnes, Jed Rea, Jon Hicks, & Travis Patterson.

Mulvane EMS welcomes 4 new members.

Congratulations to; GaraLee Haskins, Dan Clark, Brad Klein, Shawn Lamm, Tony Lamb, Cole Mitchell & Keith Nieman.

Mulvane Fire Reserves welcomes 6 new members!

Congratulations to; Trent Julius, Cassandra Walls, Jacob Reed, Brandon Clark, Jessica Ray & Trevor Shelton.




(December 2007)

Two trains collide.


Two transported to trauma centers in serious condition, more pictures here.



Freezing rain caused several accidents like this one on the KTA for morning comuters! *



Mulvane Pickup 409 assists Sumner County Fire District #9 on a grass & trash fire.  The fire which was left unattended started grass on fire & had burned up to several cars, piles of tires & an old outbuilding.  Belle Plaine PD Officers managed to stop the fire spread and contain the fire until fire crews could arrive & extinguish the fire.


Mulvane Emergency Services delivers Santa Claus to Main Street in the Annual Christmas Parade.



Mulvane Fire receives O.D.P. Grant for new TNT extrication ram.

The Fire Department has received a new TNT 40" extrication ram from Sumner County O.D.P. monies to be used with Engine 401.  E-401 has a TNT pump, 100' reel & combination cutter/spreader that was purchased last year with Sumner County O.D.P. monies.  This ram completes the extrication equipment carried on E-401.


(November 2007)

Tender Training Pictures


For more photos click here!


Mulvane EMS welcomes 7 new members!

Mulvane EMS hired EMT GaraLee Haskins, EMT Dan Clark, EMT-I Brad Klein, EMT-I Shawn Lamm, MICT Tony Lamb, MICT Cole Mitchell & MICT Keith Nieman.


Mulvane Fire Reserves welcomes 5 new members!

Cassandra Walls, Jacob Reed, Brandon Clark, Jessica Ray & Trevor Shelton.


Fire District #12 receives new Tender.


New Tender 408 built by Emergency Fire Equipment in Mayfield. 
The truck is a 2000 Freightliner with a 410 hp Caterpillar C-12 engine with auto-shift transmission.
3000 gallon tender with 500 gpm Hale PTO pump, left & right 2.5 discharges, left side 5" storz discharge, left side 1.5" pre-connect.
Left & right side el