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Mulvane Fire Reserves

Fire Reserves By-Laws Revised 12-2008

Fire Reserve Application 5-2008


Reserve Advisor, Aaron Mattson


Resource Team 2010

(Back row L-R) Reserve Ian Patterson, Reserve AJ Mattson, Lt. Jason Mundell, Reseve Jacob Reed.
(Front Row L-R) Admin Assist Kim Benson, Reserve Quinton Foster, Reserve Jessica Whitehead, Photographer Garry Brownlee.


Halloween 2009


Mulvane Fire & EMS handed out Candy & Glow Bracelets to approximately 750 Trick or Treaters!
Special Thanks to Reserves Cassandra Walls & Jessica Whitehead for their help!



Laken Campbell

2007 Fire Reserves

(L-R) Trent Julius, Advisor Steve Kohr, Brandon Clark, Adrienne Hillman, Josh Phillips, Jessica Coldiron.

Not Pictured; Wade Hock, Laken Campbell, Cassandra Foster

Old Settlers 2008

Reserve Laken Campbell, Reserve Brandon Clark.




June 21st, 2007  Handline Training


Lt. Mundell with Reserves 364 Adrienne Hillman & 365 Wade Hock doing hoseline evolutions.

Lt. Heersche shows Reserve Trent Julius how to catch a fire hydrant.


May 17th, 2007  Extrication Training



Reserves help put trucks back in service after a house fire in April 2007.

Reserves Adrienne Hillman & Laken Campbell (black gear).



Reserve Josh Phillips, 2007.


Reserves Cassie Foster & Jessica Coldiron during the May 2007 Flood.


Reserve Laken Campbell, July 2007.


Reserve Landon Hein, Sept. 2008.



Reserve Jacob Reed & Laken Campbell, FF Jimmy Reed on pump panel, Oct. 2008.



Reserve Training, Cassandra Walls, Amanda Kimble, Trent Julius & Jacob Reed, June 2009.



 *  *  *  *  *

Photo's by Mike Swope, Oct. 2008.



Fire Reserves testing hydrants July 1010


AJ Mattson, Cassandra Walls, Jacob Reed & Quinton Foster.


Training Sept. 2010


AJ Mattson, Jessica Whitehead & Quinton FosterInstructor Steve Kohr.


History of the Fire Reserves


Fire Reserve Bobby Kimble in 1974 sporting new reserve bunker gear.


The idea for the fire reserves started in early 1973.  Bobby Kimble, who’s father was a past fire chief and on the fire department, approached the fire chief at the time, Carl “Lucky” Hartman, about the idea of a program for the area youth to assist the fire department.  The idea was to have the “kids” there to assist with pulling hose, getting equipment, and cleaning up after fire calls.  Yes, we were going to be there for the grunt work!

Wichita Eagle? article about Mulvane Fire Reserves in 1974-75?

After a lot of pleading and some support from several of the fire fighters on the department, Chief Hartman took the idea to the city council and it was approved!  The fire reserves were officially activated in August of 1974.  Some of the first members of the Fire Reserves were Bobby Kimble, Ken Butcher, Tom Burns, Curt Hartman, Daryl Kraft, Ed McDaniel, just to name a few.  The first meeting the reserve members elected Bobby Kimble as the Chief.  Also the name was an issue.  Several names were suggested like Mulvane Jr. Fire Department, Mulvane Auxiliary Fire Department, Mulvane Fire Reserves and so on.  The membership finally decided on Mulvane Fire Reserves.  The first reserve advisor was W.R. Robberson, the assistant fire chief at McConnell AFB fire department at the time.

Lt. Kimble is receiving appreciation plaque in 1978.

At this same time, the City of Mulvane purchased a new fire truck.  Mulvane Engine 3 was delivered and placed on line in August of 1974.  And it was the Fire Reserves that placed the vehicle in service.  The reserves mounted the equipment, loaded the hose and placed almost all the equipment on the truck.  Most of us at the time cut our teeth on this vehicle.  It was a great time for all of us.  Over the years the Fire Reserves trained at their own meetings.  Usually one of the members was given the assignment of the training for the next meeting.  That individual would take home a “red book” and study up on the assignment and present it at the next meeting.  It was a good way for everyone to learn about the fire service.  We trained on every thing that we could from fire behavior to search & rescue to ladders to pumping to pulling hose.

Fire Reserves Robin VanDeest & Lori Ferguson collect for MDA, late 1970's.

Things in the early years were a lot different than they are now.  When there was a fire call, we couldn’t ride on the trucks to the calls.  You had to get there how you could; a bike, run (yes, we used to run a lot!), con your mom or your neighbors mom to give you a ride.  Just however!  We also didn’t have any gear early on.  About 1975 or 1976, we contacted Mike Corn with the Wichita Fire Department about some gear.  They gave us about 15 sets of coats and pants.  Trust me, they weren’t pretty.  Some of the lucky ones got some old helmets from the Mulvane fire department. 

Bobby Kimble stayed the Fire Reserve Fire Chief until 1978 when he graduated from high school and left for the U.S. Air Force to be a fire fighter.  Several kids from Mulvane came and went through the reserves.  And several are still on the fire department today.


1978 era picture of City Fire Training Officer W.R. Roberson  giving a demonstration to the Fire Reserve Class.  Firefighter Andy Simmons watches with the reserves as Firefighter Alan Gwinup mans the hose line.


Fire Reserve Meagan Kirkman looks over material at our Annual Fire Prevention Week Open House, 2001

Fire Reserve Chris Megonigle at a surprise party for his 18th birthday.  The party had to be delayed 2 hours because of a working barn fire.

Reserve Justin Pietro seems to have a stuck thumb?



M.F.R.  Resource Team 2003

(L-R,)  Garry Brownlee Photographer, Justin Pietro Reserve FF, Timothy Baca Reserve FF, T.J. McDaniel Reserve FF, Lt. Jason Mundell FF-1/EMT-I


M.F.R.  Resource Team 2001

(L-R, Back) Kyle Biggs Reserve FF, Mike McKay Haz-Mat/FF, Chris Megonigle Reserve FF

(L-R, Front) Shanna Smith Reserve FF, Talon Pyeatt Reserve FF, Lt. Jason Mundell FF-1/EMT-I

(Not Pictured; Julie Kohr Records, Garry Brownlee Photographer, Terry Love Chaplin/EMT, Joshua Condon Reserve FF, Megan Kirkman Reserve FF)



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1986 Picture, Assistant Fire Chief Kimble.

Special Thanks to Lt. Bobby Kimble for his memories of the Fire Reserves.

* Photo's by Mike Swope

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