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2009 M.E.S. News!

2008 News Archives Page!

The Year 2009 in Review!


 M.E.S volunteered over 4,755 hours to the community, saving over $85,780 tax dollars!

EMS ran 787 Calls or 2 ambulance calls per Day! Up 44 calls from last year!

 Mulvane Fire Department Ran 383 Fire Alarms or 1 fire call per day!

Mulvane Fire raises $2,650 for MDA in boot drive & car bash!

Mulvane Fire received a $5,500 grant from the Forestry Service for a wildland nozzle!

Mulvane Fire Rescue receives Assistance to Firefighters Grant, $29,300.

Mulvane Fire is awarded the 2008 Life Safety Achievement for no loss of life.

Mulvane Fire puts new Tahoe staff vehicle in service~!

Mulvane EMS receives a new Ambulance 451.

Former Firefighter Andrea Pierson Myers killed in Alabama shooting.

Mulvane Emergency Services receives PSIC Radio Grant for $13,727.

Mulvane Fire Rescue welcomes 3 new members into its ranks.

Congratulations to: Dustin Warner, Buck Reusser & Doug Hatfield.

Mulvane EMS welcomes 5 new members.

Congratulations to; Paramedics, Preston White, Keena Campbell & Kurt Vinzant EMTs, Jeremy Crocker & Tad Nickolson.

Mulvane Fire Reserves welcomes 1 new member!

Congratulations to: Jessica Whitehead. 


(December 2009)

Ultra-lite Airplane Crash


No injuries were reported.


Roofing Fire at Dollar General store.


See Garry's pictures here!


Rural house fire.


See more of Garry's pictures here!


(November 2009)

MVA Rollover



This accident involved a Postal Delivery van that lost a front wheel & rolled over.
Driver did not appear to be seriously injured, but was trapped for a short time.
She was extricated by removing the front windshield.


MFR 2009 Department Photos

Click here to see crew photos.


(October 2009)

Trick or Treat Safe Night


Mulvane Fire & EMS handed out Candy & Glow Bracelets to approximately 750 Trick or Treaters!
Special Thanks to Reserves Cassandra Walls & Jessica Whitehead for their help!


MVA on Kansas Turnpike


Four people were injured in this accident,
Two transported to local hospital.


Good Bye to Dan Clark!

EMT Dan Clark has accepted a position with Derby Fire Department.
His last shift was October 28th.
Congratulations to Dan!


Van Fire


Van had been sitting for three hours, owner noticed smoke inside the vehicle as he opened the door.
Flames erupted when the door was opened.



Shed Fire at Mulvane Mobile Home Park


More Picture here!


Fire Prevention Week


Lt. Fred Heersche & FF Duane McDaniel show  First Graders at Munson Primary School what is really under all that bunker gear!


Mulvane Fire Rescue was awarded a Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant from the Kansas State Forestry Service for $5,500 in May.


Thanks to a KS Forestry Grant, Pickup 409 received a TFT remote wildland monitor.
Unit was sold and installed by Emergency Fire Equipment in Mayfield.



Mulvane EMS welcomes one new Paramedic; Kurt VinZint, MICT

Mulvane EMS welcomes one new EMT; Tad Nickolson, EMT

Mulvane Fire Rescue welcomes one new Reserve; Jessica Whitehead



(September 2009)

Hay Barn Fire in Cowley County


Mulvane Tender 408 assisted Udall Fire on this small hay barn fire.
About 250 hay bales were in the 20' x 40' machine shed. One round haybaler was also destroyed.

The fire was thought to be caused by children playing with matches.

See more photos here!
Garry also has pictures posted on his Flicker account.



Yet another Rock Road MVA, two people were transported with minor injuries.



This MVA tied up Rock Road traffic, but no one was transported.

Lt. Heersche         Lt. Fells         MICT Kichler


Mulvane EMS welcomes one new EMT; Jeremy Crocker, EMT


(August 2009)

MDA Boot Drive

Lt. Kimble          Capt. Ester          FF Warner         FF Andrews
                           FF Hatfield


About $2,650 was raised in 7 hours on a Saturday & Sunday.

14 Fire & EMS personal participated.




MVA Car vs. Bridge


A teenage driver was transported with minor injuries after hitting a guard rail & losing control.


MVA Car vs. KinderCare Bus


7:30 am accident sends 9 people to area hospitals, one in critical condition.

Small white car reportedly ran a stop sign at 95th & Rock Road striking a southbound KinderCare Bus.  The bus then crossed over the center line striking a black VW, which caused the bus to rollover.  A female was extricated out of the white car & flew by Eaglemed to a Wichita trauma center in critical condition. Eight patients were transported from the bus and one Pt. refused treatment.


2009 Old Settlers


See more pictures on Garry's page 7, click here!


MVA at K-15 & Lisa Ln.


2 Patients were transport.


Pre-fire planning on Main Street.



(July 2009)

MRC OK Kids Day




July 2009 Pool Party!


See more pictures here!


(June 2009)

Grain Truck Collision


Two people were transported from the truck that rolled over. 
The Red truck tried to pass the other truck as it was starting to turn.


Fire Extinguisher Training


Capt. Ester demonstrates the proper usage of a fire extinguisher to school employees!


Rural Structure Fire


This late night fire started in the breaker box and was quickly contained.


House was powered by extension cords draped throughout the house with power strips.  Wall outlets were unreachable due to contents in the home.
Meter was pulled & electric company notified.  Residents advised they were just going to hook up to a portable generator.

Apparently this family missed Fire Prevention week!


Car vs House


Early morning MVA.


Mulvane Fire Rescue has been awarded a Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant from the State Forestry Service for $5,500.
These monies will be used to purchase a Wildland Monitor to place on P-409.


Search & Rescue Training


Mulvane Fire Rescue has been given the use of a two story duplex and a small home to use for practice for the next couple of months.
Members practice their skills doing a search in a smoke filled duplex.


(May 2009)

Photo by Aaron Mattson


MVA vs child



3 vehicle MVA on Kansas Turnpike results in MCI with 11 patients.



Red car swerves to miss animal on highway, hits barrier wall.  Subjects get out of car.
Black Ford Explorer hits red car at Interstate highway speeds (70 mph+).
Black BMW hits Ford Explorer.

One subject from Explorer is transported, 10 others refuse treatment.


MDA Car Bash raises over $260.00




Severe Weather prompts Tornado Warnings


Mulvane all clear.


More MVA's


Ten-Year Anniversary Of Toddler’s Well Rescue, KAKE 10 News Report.


The Rescue of Baby Jessy



More MVA's.


(April 2009)


Early morning MVA.  New Vehicle 400.



FF Aaron Mattson came across this picture of Engine 1 at the Mulvane Historical Museum.
This house fire was at 117 North First street, Stroot's Locker is the brick building on the left.  The house is gone and now part of the locker plant.


Mulvane Fire Rescue assists Cowley County fire crews on a fatality grass fire near Dexter.

Mulvane responded a 6x6, Tank 406 & Tender 408 to assist in this blaze.

KAKE News story

KSN News story


(March 2009)

Late March Blizzard????




Mulvane EMS takes delivery of a new 2008 Osage Ambulance



Mulvane Fire extinguishes yet another Controlled Burn out of control.....



Three yards burned up and two trucks were stuck at one point, but no lives were lost!



Andrea Myers Memorial Service



Mutual Aid Structure Fire


This was reported as a controlled burn out of control.*
Mulvane Fire units assisted Sumner County FD #9 on this alarm.


RIC Training


Mulvane Firefighters train on the new Survivair RIC bags. 

Derby Firefighters came down with their Interspiro SCBA to practice interoperability.


Former Mulvane Firefighter Andrea (Pierson) Myers killed in Alabama Shooting.**

A local Memorial Service will be held at the Mulvane Methodist Church on Saturday March 21st at 2 pm.


Andrea was in the 2002 new member training class and served on the Fire Department until 2004, she graduated from Mulvane High School in 1996. 
Andrea's husband Joshua Myers joined our 2003 new member class and left in 2004 when he married Andrea & they moved to Belle Plaine, Josh then joined FD #9.
Andrea's brother Jon was also a member of our department from 2001 until 2004 when he moved to Belle Plaine & joined Sumner County Fire Dist. #9.

The Josh Myers Family Fund
c/o First National Bank
206 East Harvey
Wellington, KS 67152

Andrea Pierson Myers & Corrine Myers Memorial Account
c/o Carson Bank
122 West Main
P.O. Box 158
Mulvane, KS 67110

Meyer's Family Memorial Fund
c/o Meritrust Credit Union
P.O. Box 789757
Wichita, KS 67278


MVA on Oliver Rd.


Four people were ejected when this truck rolled around 5 am south of Belle Plaine.  All were taken in critical condition to a Wichita Trauma Center. 
Eagle Med Helicopter flew one, Mulvane A-450, Mulvane A-451 & Wellington EMS all transport one pt. each to Wichita Trauma centers.


(February 2009)

MVA on Oxford Rd.


Two people were injured in this one car rollover.  Udall Fire also assisted Mulvane EMS.


2009 Fire Rescue New Member Class

(L-R) Dustin Warner, Buck Reusser, Reserve Amanda Kimble, Doug Hatfield, & Instructor Lt. Bobby Kimble.


Mulvane EMS welcomes one new Paramedic; Keena Campbell, MICT


Dangers of Lightweight Construction

By Gary Bowker 
Everyone Goes Home Program Kansas Advocate

The above article was written by our own Resource Team Member, Inspector Gary Bowker.

This article is published in FireRescue1 online at the above link.


(January 2009)

Mulvane EMS welcomes one new Paramedic; Preston White, MICT


Structure Fire


Minimumal Damage was done to this home due to a quick stop of the fire.


It appears that the dryer malfunctioned and caught the paper backing on the insulation on fire. 
The homeowner heard a pop and reported that the wall was on fire behind the dryer.




This vehicle fire was a total loss along with about 25 round hale bales.


This fire was believed to have started from static electricity between the plastic bed liner and a gas can which had fell over and was leaking.  The plastic bed liner compounded extinguishment of the fire as it melted down into a burning liquid.  This call was also transfered between three 911 centers due to confusion on the exact location of the call.


Yet another Car vs. building....


Someone is Missing Tonight

The above article was written by our own Resource Team Member, Inspector Gary Bowker.
It is his gripping personnel story of a Firefighter Near Miss Accident in which he was the victim.

This article is published in FireRescue1 online at the above link.


New Member class now forming! 

New member classes start January 14th, 2008.
If you are interested in becoming a Fireman for Mulvane please e-mail Captain Ester to get an application packet before enrolling on-line.

This years class has 4 applicants.


Read about the formation of Mulvane Fire Company in 1905.

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* Thanks to Lieutenant Fred Heersche for his photos!

** Photo's by MES Photographer Garry Brownlee.

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