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M.F.R. Old Fire Trucks

Mulvane Engine #1.  1927 International/Boyer Fire Truck.  Purchased for $5,115.50.  Still driven today as a parade unit.


Engine #3 going South on First Street, Old CD in Background.  Bobby Kimble in White Helmet.

Mulvane City Engine #3. 1953 Ford/Minnesota F-750, 500 GPM w/500 gallon tank.  Purchased for $8,612.00 in 1953, removed from service in November 1979 w/ 4,962 miles.  Pump was shelled at a house fire.  Cab & Chassis went to street department for a dump truck conversion.  Fire truck body was modified and parts were used to build Jeep #402.  Replaced with City Pumper #2.


Mulvane City Pumper #2, later renamed Engine 402.  1979 Ford/American F-750, 750 GPM w/ 750 gallon tank.  (L-R) Bobby Kimble, Ricky Eggleston & Kevin Olsen, Aug. 1982. Second picture Mulvane State Bank gas leak fire, w/ Rescue #2, Feb. 1986.   Purchased for $28,995.00 in 1979, sold to another local department in 199?.  Replaced with Engine 410.


Mulvane City Engine #3, later renamed Engine 403.  1973 Ford/Barton C-900, 750 GPM w/ 750 gallon tank.  Purchased for $36,327.00 in 1973.

 (L-R) Mike Roberson, Mike Abasolo, Lowell Ester, Jimmy Reed, Chief David Boyd, Harry McWithey, Steve Terrell, Bill Jarrett, Mike Mayo, Craig Harrington, Aug. 1987.  Second picture is Fire Prevention week in November of 1986.  Casey Stegner shows E-403 as Mike Roberson looks on, Rescue 407 in background. 

Traded in 1981 on our current Engine 403.


Mulvane Civil Defense Staff 401.  1972 AMC Matador chief's car shown here in a parade in 1982.  Chief David Boyd in passenger seat.

Early Engine #4.

Mulvane Civil Defense Engine #4, later renamed Engine 404. 1959 Ford/General 500 GPM w/500 gallon tank. This truck was bought from the Arlington, KS Fire Department.  Firefighter Kevin Olsen driving.  Sold to another department in 1988.  Replaced with 1962 Seagraves Engine 408.

Mulvane Civil Defense Engine #5, unknown year of make.  Gone prior to 1970.

Yet another Engine #5 ?  Gone prior to 1970.

Mulvane Civil Defense Tanker #1, 1954 Reo.  1,000 gallon aluminum tank & rear PTO pump.  Gone prior to 1978.


Mulvane Civil Defense Engine #5, later renamed Engine 405. 1952 GMC 2 1/2 Ton with a Forestry Tank & Pump retrofit from American Fire Equipment in Salina.  250 GPM pump, 1000 tank & equipped with a 6" jet dump valve.  This truck was picked up and in Little Rock Air Force Base and driven at 45 mph back to Mulvane. Sold at auction in 1987.

One of our Firefighters was hunting in 2015 and found old Engine #5 out by Plainville!


No Picture Advailable

Mulvane Civil Defense Jeep #1, 1/4 ton 1950 vintage CJ.  Small trash pump & 150 gallon water tank.  Was used by the City Fire Department.

Mulvane Civil Defense Jeep #1, renamed Jeep 402.  1968 Kaiser Jeep w/ 250 gallon skid unit, dual boosters, custom body from old retired 1953 City of Mulvane Engine #3.  Sold at auction in 1987.

Mulvane Civil Defense Jeep #2, renamed Jeep 403.  Custom build 1968 Kaiser Jeep w/ 300 gallon tank & pump.  Also sold at auction in 1987.

Mulvane Civil Defense Tender #1, 1956 International R-220.  It pulled a single axle F-5 trailer, 2,500 gallon tank.  Had a Wisconson pump engine, returned to Forestry about 1980.

Pickup 405.  This 2 X 4, 4 door Forestry Pickup with a skid unit replaced the Keiser Jeeps, not a good trade.  This unit was replaced by the current P-405 in 1998.


Engine 410, 1979 Ward LaFrance 750 GPM,  KS Forestry Engine replaced by Engine 402.  Turned back to the KS Forestry in October 2002.  Re-issued to another Kansas Fire Department. 

Pickup 409. 1984 Ford F-250 Supercab 4x4.  This truck was retired in January 2005 and sold to Oxford Fire Department. 

Engine 408, 1962 Seagrave 1,000 GPM.  This truck was retired in March 2006 and sold on E-bay for $6,569.


Unit 458, 1986 Chevy Suburban.  This is a miscellaneous vehicle that is used for transporting personnel to fire scenes and training events.  Turned back to the KS Forestry in June 2006 and re-issued to another Kansas Fire Department. 


George Larsen, Dodge first response truck.

Gran Torino station wagon replaced the Dodge truck.

Early Rescue unit pulling a generator.  1950 Chevy, sold at auction in 1970.

George Larsen taking delivery from Sauder-Lygrisse GMC in Wichita.

1962 GMC Panel Van issued by the Civil Defense. Cost to City of Mulvane was $5,600.  Complete with rescue tools, PTO wench, and engine driven 110 volt generator.


Mulvane Civil Defense Rescue #1, renamed Rescue 407.  Shown here with Supervac Stem-lite, added in 1982.  Sold by sealed bids in 1988.

Mulvane Civil Defense Rescue #2.  This 4 door Forestry Truck carried a 5 KW generator and Super-Vac Stemlight.  It also carried our Jaws of Life and misc. electrical equipment.  All the equipment was later combined onto Rescue 407 and the truck was turned back to Forestry.

Chief Duane Burns dispays the Jaws of Life.

R-407 1978 Dodge Mini Pumper.  Replaced in August 1998 with a 1999 Precision F-550 Rescue Truck.


Mulvane Civil Defense Tank 406.  This was a 1972 GMC military surplus cab & chassis from McConnell AFB.  A new 1,600 fiberglass tank was added along with a 200 GPM pump and 8" Dump Valve.  Truck was built mainly from donations & fund drives in 1983, shown in second picture with Gene Allbright & Asst. Chief Lowell Ester at Old Settlers Celebration.  The Tank is still in use today on our current Tank 406.

Chief David Boyd (in shorts) & Capt. Brent Carey shown here testing the dump valve. 

Tank 406 chassis was converted onto a 1954 6x6 KS Forestry Tanker/Brush Truck.

This truck was used until June of 2002 when it was again upgraded to a 1972 Diesel 6x6 KS Forestry Surplus Chassis.


Hawkeye.  1968 Kaiser Jeep M715 5/4 ton ambulance restored by Mulvane Civil Defense members.  Used in floods, snow & off-terain accidents. Sold at auction in October 1987.

Old bus set up as mobile hospital.  1953 Chevy, gone prior to 1970.

Mercury station wagon Unit #12, first response vehicle.

1951 Cadillic Ambulance.

Ambulance #10.  1968 Ford Ambulance.  This was the first ambulance purchased by the City of Mulvane to provide ambulance protection in 1970.

Ambulance #11.  1976 Chevy Horton Ambulance.  Second ambulance purchased by the City in 1976.


Ambulance #12.  Cadillac Ambulance.  This unit was used for patient transfers from the Villa Maria care home to Wichita Hospitals.

Ambulance #350.  Ford/Collins Ambulance.  Retire in 1999 by a new unit.


Unit #354.  Ford Crown Vic Police package.  This unit was used by Chief Patterson until October of 2001.  Sold in 2002.

Ambulance 450, 1999 McCoy Miller Type 1 ALS unit.  Traded in September 2007.

Ambulance 451, 1999 McCoy Miller Type 1 ALS unit.  Shown here with E.M.T. Andy Ralstin (left) and Paramedic Lloyd Cox (right).


Tank 412, 1979 2000 gallon, KS Forestry Tanker.

This truck is also equipped with a 3,000 gallon Dump Tank, 10" Newton Dump valve, and a 5" Storz Quick fill line that doubles as a Dump valve to speed up off-loading.


Rescue 407, 1999 Precision.  This truck responds to all 10-48's (MVA's), vehicle fires, and structure fires.  It is set up with 200 gallons of water and 20 gallons of AFFF foam.  It also carries a full compliment of rescue gear including Jaws, Air Bags, Reciprocating Saw, cribbing, & hand tools.  It has a 2000 watt elevating "Stem Light" and can be called out for any night time emergency.  RETIRED JUNE 2014!!

Pickup 405, 1988 F-250 4x4 brush truck.  Sumner County Fire District #12 bought this truck from Arkansas City Fire Department in 1998.  This truck carries 300 gallons of water with a 250 GPM Hale Pump.  RETIRED JULY 2014!



Vehicle 455, 2002 Ford F-250 4x4 Club Cab Pickup was delivered in December 2001, RETIRED DECEMBER 2014.  Click here to see how it is set up.


Tender #406


Tender 406, 1972 6x6 2,000 gallon tank, KS Forestry Tanker/Brush Truck. 

This truck is equipped with a 3,000 gallon Dump Tank, 400 gpm Hale pump, Hale Foamlogix Class A Foam System, Elkhart Sidewinder remote monitor, bumper ground sweep nozzles,  10" Dump valve, and a 5" Storz Quick fill line that doubles as a Dump valve to speed up off-loading.  RETIRED APRIL 2018 and transfered to Cowley County FD #4 in Udall.




Special Thanks to Fred Tefft for his knowledge on these older trucks!

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