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The Rescue of Baby Jessy


The most publicized event to ever occur in the history of Mulvane is the Rescue of Baby Jessy.  Baby Jessy fell into a partially finished hand dug well on May 13, 1999.  Every aspect of the City of Mulvane Government was taxed to the limits on this night.  No one person or agency was solely responsible for the rescue.  It was done by unlimited cooperation between many organizations, private contractors, business owners and citizens.  The intent of this page is to relate the events of that night as they occurred.

The following is a story written by a citizen of Mulvane.  The author, Lowell Ester, at that time had no affiliation with Mulvane Emergency Services.  Shortly after this incident, he rejoined Mulvane Emergency Services.

Rescue Baby Jessy



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bulletRescuers pull infant Jessy from well after nearly five hours, CNN, May 1999









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