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Garry's Pictures 7


Roofing Fire at Dollar General store.


Employees reported smoke in back stock room around 5 pm, evacuated the store.


A 100' Quint was requested from Derby Fire as per SOP on a commercial building fire.  Engine 402 was assigned fire attack with it's 5 man crew.  Engine 401 staged at the hydrant to pump the building sprinkler system and supply water to the Derby Quint.  Derby Quint set up in the parking lot for aerial operations if needed and assisted with egress ladders & rooftop operations.  Engine 403 staged in the parking lot.  Capt Ester took command and Derby Chief Pater assumed the role as Safety Officer. 


Fire was found on the roof around a HVAC unit.


Roofers had been working on the roof earlier in the day and had left for the weekend.
Blow tourch had been used to seal some tar and had caught the fiberboard underlayment on fire.
Fire was quickly extinguished with minimal damage.


2009 Old Settlers



            Fire Pup    Lt. Mundell    Photographer Garry


                 Chief Williams    Mike Abasolo    Capt. Ester & Lt. Mundell


                        Kim Benson         Cops       Capt Patterson & MICT Griffin

Lt. Heersche

More photos here!



July 2009 Pool Party!






Late March 09 Spring Snowstorm "Blizzard"



FF/EMT Duane McDaniel, FF PJ Wright, Capt. Ester, FF Jon Hicks,


Boat & Water Rescue Training with Derby Fire Department, August 2008.



Rescue Training at Countrywalk storm water detention pond. 


MFD members get a feel for how the boat handles.


Neighbors have concerns over local children's safety, which is why we train!


Practicing using throw ropes on a person in a current.


Dragging the pond for a body recovery.

Boat egress is a major concern for training.



 M.E.S. Photographer Garry Brownlee

Garry Brownlee is the Department Photographer and is a member of the Resource Team.  Many of the pictures on this web site of current events were taken by him.  Pictures used by permission only.   See more of his work here on flickr.

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