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110 Years of Volunteer Fire Service

ISO Class 3 / 5

Mulvane, Kansas

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Mulvane Fire Rescue

Years of Service



25 Years +

Jim McDaniel                   FF-2/EMT          Jan. 2nd, 1988       

John Andrews                   FF-2/F.R.            Dec. 9th, 1992       



20 - 25 Years

Lt. Jason Mundell              FF-2/EMT-I       Jan. 21st, 1993       

Aaron Mattson                    FF-2/EMT            May 4th, 1993       

Capt. Lowell Ester*              FF-2/EMT          Sep. 2nd, 1999        



15 - 20 Years

Joe McDaniel                     FF-2/EMT                  Apr. 1st, 1999       

Garry Brownlee                 Photographer          Oct. 11th, 2000          

Lt. Fred Heersche              FF-2/EMT                Mar. 5th, 2002       

Lt. Mike Fells                      FF-2/F.R.                 Mar. 5th, 2002        



10 - 15 Years

Amy Houston                      FF-1/F.R.                     May 1st, 2003       

Jayson Williams                FF-2                          Mar. 3rd, 2005       

David Williams                  Chief                         Mar. 7th, 2005       

Travis Patterson*               FF-1                          Mar. 1st, 2007       

Trent Julius                          FF-1                         Nov. 1st, 2007        



5 - 10 Years

Chris Nolan                           FF-1                       Apr. 3rd, 2008       

Gary Kunc                             FF-2/EMT            Apr. 3rd, 2008       

Buck Reusser                       FF-1                      Apr. 2nd, 2009       

Jessica Whitehead             FF-1/EMT            Sep. 24th, 2009      

Lt. Kyle Gasaway                 FF-1/EMT               April 1st, 2010     

Darrell Dutcher               FF-1/EMT                 April 1st, 2010       

Stuart McDowell               Firefighter               Apr 7th, 2011       

Nathan Yarnell                   FF-2/EMT                Apr 7th, 2011       

Nick Ryan                            FF-1/EMT                  Apr 7th, 2011       



0-5 Years

A J Mattson*                            FF-1                      Sept. 4th, 2014       

David Dieker                         FF-1                       May 2nd, 2013        

Caleb Hatfield                   FF-1/EMT                 May 2nd, 2013        

Kyle Andrews                  Firefighter              May 23rd, 2013       

Megan DeVries                 FF-1/EMT                     May 1st, 2014       

Darlene Killinger                Firefighter            May 7th, 2015       

Terry Lane                              Firefighter            May 7th, 2015       



Probationary Firefighters

Douglas Wilson, JR           Firefighter             May 1st, 2014       

Laken Meyer                      Firefighter                May 7th, 2015       

Nick Killian                             Firefighter            May 5th, 2016       

Richard Grizzle                       Firefighter             May 5th, 2016     

Todd Lane                                Firefighter              May 5th, 2016       

Billy Pitzer                                  Firefighter            May 5th, 2016       



Probie Class 2017

 Tony Shaver                          Firefighter Trainee

Brydgett Pitzer                    Firefighter Trainee

Dale Woods                            Firefighter Trainee

Rick Storts                              Firefighter Trainee

Logan Martsolf                     Firefighter Trainee



*Years of Service from adjusted hire date (previous employment or Fire Reserves)

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